Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Launches $10 Student Policy

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Launches $10 Student Policy

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Launches $10 Student Policy

Stu10_Social_MMIPMassage Magazine Insurance Plus has launched a new occurrence form policy that offers $1 million of professional liability coverage to massage students for $10.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) has announced the launch of its new and improved massage student insurance policy, which offers $1 million of professional liability coverage for only $10. This policy provides six months of occurrence form coverage to students enrolled in massage therapy school, along with other health, wellness and beauty school programs.

MMIP is a sister company of the massage industry's leading publication, MASSAGE Magazine. Its new student program covers more than 350 health, wellness and beauty disciplines, including massage therapy, reflexology, yoga, Pilates, dance, cosmetology, skin and nail care, and more.

For only $10, MMIP's student policyholders will receive professional, general and product liability insurance, $1 million per occurrence, $1 million individual aggregate; and $100,000 rental damage insurance. Coverage will be provided for six full months from the effective date of the policy.

MMIP's student policy offers occurrence form coverage-the preferred choice in the industry-which protects students from liability exposure even after their policy expires, as long as the incident in question occurred during the policy term. To stay on top of trending massage topics, student members will also receive a monthly newsletter and a discounted rate on a one-year subscription to MASSAGE Magazine.

"Liability protection is just as critical for massage students as it is for massage professionals due to their exposure to the public during clinical hours," says Heather Alves, MMIP's director of affiliate partnerships. "We launched this program to empower future generations of touch therapists by offering them the liability protection they need at a price they can afford."

To be eligible for this program, students must enroll prior to graduation; and they may not be licensed in any of the other health, wellness and beauty disciplines covered by MMIP. The policy will cover students on and off campus, as well as following graduation.

Enroll online at or call (904) 395-8336 to learn more about MMIP's student insurance program. Each student policyholder will receive instant coverage and proof of insurance immediately upon completion of a brief online application.

MMIP-LOGO-400x400About Massage Magazine Insurance Plus

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) is underwritten by Aspen Specialty Insurance Company, an A rated carrier by A.M. Best Company. MMIP provides massage students and professionals with premium liability insurance, industry news, practice support, marketing resources and more.

For more information on MMIP's new massage student program, call (904) 395-8336 or visit to apply online.

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