Promote Your Practice

Promote Your Practice

Promote Your Practice

High-quality printed marketing materials are essential to generate a professional image. Even if you are employed, you might have input into the design and types of materials your company uses. The ultimate design of your materials depends on your target market(s) and the image you wish to portray. These items do not need to look identical, but the colors, designs and overall look should blend well.

For your visual promotional materials to be effective, they must appeal to the clientele you wish to attract. The three major choices for most of your basic marketing materials are to: work with a graphic artist to design your marketing materials; purchase preprinted materials that you can personalize by affixing an address label or inserting a panel with specific information about yourself; order semi-customizable preformatted materials.

Essential materials
• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Stationery: Letterhead and Envelopes
• Appointment Cards
• Thank-you Cards
• Greeting Cards
• Gift Certificates
• Referral Cards
• Educational Pamphlets and Handouts
• Client Forms: Intake, Health History and Informed Consent
• Newsletters
• Web Site

Optional materials
• Displays
• Signage
• Posters
• Treatment Menu
• Music Menu
• Personalized Gift Items (e.g., pens, bottled water with custom labels)
• Door hangers
• Fliers
• Direct Mail Letters
• Articles
• Informational Videos/DVDs
• Comment Cards

For a list of sources see "Reprinted and Customizable Marketing Materials" in Issue 3's Online Resources.

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