Questions Open the Door to Success

Questions Open the Door to Success

Questions Open the Door to Success

Being a student or a new graduate can be an overwhelming experience. Some of the questions you might be asking, even as you're in school, might include, "How do I get started?" "Where should I advertise?" "How do I get clients?" "What professional organizations should I join?" and "How can I partner with other health professionals?" The easiest way to walk through this logistical minefield is to accumulate knowledge.

Knowledge is power. The more effective you are at gathering essential information and trading it for time, space and influence, the less cash you need to spend in order to get the things you need. If you want build a successful massage-and-bodywork career then you will have to develop a system for gathering, organizing, packaging and marketing information. The best way to develop this system is by asking questions.

The inability or unwillingness to ask the right questions is the cause of a multitude of personal and social problems. Life, for the most part, is largely trial and error. The greater your level of knowledge, the greater your chance of success and lesser your chance of risk.

The test of your knowledge is quite basic. Can it be applied in such a manner as to achieve a desired result? This is the guideline for any endeavor, whether it be profession, skill or activity. No matter how well developed one's knowledge is and how many hours have been dedicated to a particular area of study, the ability to apply that knowledge is the defining factor. If the knowledge cannot be applied, then it cannot create results.

The main process of learning consists of inspecting, collecting- and selecting valuable data from the useless, the true from the false. The next step is to take that data, arrive at conclusions that you can apply, and then use said data or store it for future use. If you do this systematically, you can reduce your cost of building a successful practice.

Knowledge-Building Tips

• Spend an hour or two each day perusing through bodywork and massage magazines, journals and newsletters.

• Get Internet savvy. When you read an interesting article on massage, "Google" or "Yahoo" it and study the subject in greater depth. In time you will begin to develop knowledge of the massage world that will enable you to vertically network with greater effectiveness. This will bring you to mentors, people and places you would not have access to otherwise.

The ability to ask questions will open the door to a successful future in massage.

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