Top 10 Test Taking Tips

Top 10 Test Taking Tips

1.Take the night before the test off.


Last minute studying will only make you flustered and anxious. Relax and head to bed early.


2. Eat a good meal prior to test time.


Hunger can be a huge distraction and your brain is far more functional when you’ve eaten.


3.Wear professional and comfortable clothing.


“Look good, feel good”


4. Show up to the test site at least 10 minutes early.


This will give you time to check in and stash your personal things in a locker.


5. Bring 2 forms of identification and a confirmation receipt for your exam session.




6. Read each question and set of answers at least twice.


This will help to prevent silly answers. For example, reading a question as “which of the following are true” instead of “which of the following are not true”


7. If you’re unsure of an answer, make an educated guess.


The MBLEx doesn’t allow you to skip questions so read the questions carefully and select the best possible answer.


8.  Use the test as a tool


When you encounter a difficult question try to use the process of elimination to find the best possible answer.


9. Keep track of time


Know about how long you should spend on each question and try to keep that pace. The MBLEx consists of 100 questions and the testing session is 120 minutes. Therefore, you should take about a minute per question.


10. Relax! You’ve prepared and are absolutely ready! Good luck

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