Why to Try Thai Therapeutic Massage

Why to Try Thai Therapeutic Massage

Why to Try Thai Therapeutic Massage

As the popularity of massage continues to grow, people are more often asking what the differences in massage styles are and which style is best. The answer is as varied as the reasons people receive massage and, more importantly, what benefit they expect from the time their money is invested in massage therapy.

Virtually all styles of massage can be categorized into one of two areas: medical and wellness. Let's take a closer look at what these terms mean, what is needed to understand their differences and the benefits of one specific massage modality: Thai Therapeutic Massage.

What is wellness massage?

Wellness massage, sometimes referred to as spa massage, aims to leave the client feeling pampered and relaxed. These effects are largely an emotional interlude from the anxiety and daily stress of hectic lifestyles most of us cope with on a day-to-day basis. A wellness massage is exceptionally good at creating this blissful state, but the benefits are typically short lived, often lasting no longer than it takes our consciousness to collide with the next daily dilemma. Most styles of wellness massage, including basic techniques of Thai massage, use the same steps (typically five steps) on all clients regardless of their specific physical conditions.

What is medical massage?

The objective of medical massage is to restore the body to its natural and healthy state, thus promoting physical and emotional well-being. Thai Therapeutic Massage falls into this category. Recipients of medical massage are more likely to report feeling physically energized and relaxed, yet mentally alert and better prepared to deal with a demanding lifestyle. These effects are often long lasting and life changing. The steps and techniques applied in medical massage are specific to the condition of the client's anatomy and any injuries.

What is the benefit of Thai Therapeutic Massage?

Thai Therapeutic Massage reduces inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is increasingly recognized by the mainstream medical community as a precursor to many physical problems and diseases. It also promotes healthy lymph, circulatory and musculoskeletal functions and freedom of movement by targeting what professional practitioners of Thai Therapeutic Massage refer to as sen lines (energy pathways) as well as muscles, ligaments and joints.

Given the holistic effects of Thai Therapeutic Massage and the ever-increasing desire among health-conscious people to take better care of themselves, it is easy to understand why this massage modality continues to grow in popularity.

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