Massage Therapy Student Liability Insurance

Hey Massage Students! Want a Killer Deal on Liability Insurance? Read On. 

At Massage Study Buddy, we are all about making sure you are absolutely prepared and ready to pass the MBLEx and start your career in this rewarding field. That’s why we’re offering massage students a can’t-beat student policy through Massage Magazine Insurance Plus so students can get the coverage they need to begin their career with absolute confidence. 

MMIP student insurance provides peace of mind for any what-ifs that come up as well as a host of awesome benefits you can use from day one. The best part? This insurance plan costs massage students just pennies per day. Let’s look at why getting massage therapy student liability insurance may be one of the easiest career prep steps you take.

What is MMIP Student Insurance?

MMIP, or Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, has been a leading provider of insurance just for massage and wellness professionals for decades.

MMIP was developed to fill this need while still providing additional support throughout a massage pro’s career. MMIP student insurance is a plan that’s been crafted just for students in massage therapy. It contains all of the same, great coverage options of the MMIP professional plan, just at a drastically-reduced price. 

For just $25, students can get MMIP insurance for massage students, which lasts an entire year and includes more than $700 worth of additional membership benefits. We’ll dive more into what massage insurance for students gets you next.  

What Massage Student Liability Insurance Covers

The main point of insurance is to cover you from liabilities. Liabilities are things that you are legally responsible for paying. When it comes to the massage practice, the main liabilities, or risks, facing students fall under three categories: general liability, professional liability, and product liability. 

  • General Liability: this coverage is probably what you’ve heard called “slip and fall” insurance. It’s called that because unfortunately a lot of claims against business owners and professionals have involved this type of scenario. General liability insurance is provided under MMIP’s massage student insurance policy to make sure any claims against you for injuries or property damage are well covered.
  • Professional Liability: this coverage is also referred to as “malpractice” or “errors and omissions” coverage. However you refer to it, professional liability is a risk of having someone say your massage therapy session left them hurt or damaged their property in some way.  
  • Product Liability:  this coverage applies to the many different products used to provide a great session for your clients. If someone were to have a bad allergy to a product you use, they may require medical care which they can then hold you responsible to pay for. 

There’s also additional coverages provided by MMIP in their massage insurance policies to safeguard every aspect of the profession. These include things like rental damage coverage, stolen equipment coverage, and even an identity protection plan. Not every provider of insurance for massage students goes the extra mile to provide true protection so make sure to always do your research before trusting a plan with your career.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

The age old question. Coverage amounts in student massage insurance plans do vary so how much do you really need to be adequately protected? If you have too much coverage, you will be paying for more than you actually need but if you have too little you may not have enough to cover all the costs of a claim. 

MMIP uses some sophisticated statistical analyses and a gut-check from decades in the industry to find the perfect balance here. Let’s take a look at their coverage highlights:

  • $2 million for each occurrence in general and professional liability, up to $3 million dollars in total for the year.
  • $2 million in total for product liability coverage. 
  • $100,000 to cover any rental damages.
  • $1,000 to cover stolen/damaged equipment.
  • $25,000 in identity theft protection.

Even getting millions of dollars worth of coverage, a student massage insurance plan from MMIP is still just $25. You only have to be enrolled in massage school to get the plan so it may be advantageous to wait until you are almost graduated to sign up. That way, almost all your first year on the job is covered for that super-low student rate. Food for thought.

Benefits of Having Student Liability Insurance

Massage therapy student liability insurance provides all the protection a student or someone just starting out in their practice needs to be able to practice with confidence. That confidence shows in giving it your all day in and day out rather than having to worry about an accident sidelining a career. Accidents, mishaps, calamities—these are all just a fact of life. Often, the question is not “if” something will pop up in a career, but “when”. That’s why having insurance from the get go is one of the best tools you can use to really propel your career.

Let’s consider the timeline. You are in your final courses of massage school and currently using Massage Study Buddy’s *awesome* MBLEx study questions and practice test curriculum to prepare. You are super excited to get your license and launch your career. By going ahead and getting MMIP massage student insurance while still in school, you will save yourself a whopping 85% over paying the professional rate.

Accidents Can Happen to Anyone

Most massage modalities involve direct physical contact with the client in order to provide the service they’ve requested. Conscientious therapists use health questionnaires up front to be aware of any issues that would require caution when using certain techniques. Even for massage therapists that are being super careful and doing everything right, an accident can come out of nowhere. 

To give you an idea of why massage insurance is so crucial for students, we’ll run through a scenario that could easily be true for anyone practicing in massage.

Example Scenario

You are new in your practice as a licensed massage therapist and performing a deep tissue massage on a new client. The client is a professional athlete who details past injuries in their health questionnaire for you to be aware of. You are extremely careful and professional throughout the session and ask at many points if the level of intensity is okay, to which the client responds it is fine.

At the end of the session, the client thanks you and leaves. You move on with your day and don’t think about the session again until you get a notice in the mail a few weeks later that the client is alleging that your massage left them with a torn muscle which required medical treatment and they missed a match as a result. The client is pursuing legal action against you both for the costs of their treatment, as well as their lost revenue. Even if you think the case is 100% bogus, you’ll still need to hire a lawyer to aid in your defense. Without insurance, all of these costs would be something you’d have to pay on your own.

It can be as inadvertent as using a massage oil that someone turns out to be seriously allergic to, or someone tripping over a loose rug in your entryway. The fact is, risk is all around us. Massage insurance from MMIP is a way to mitigate, or transfer, this risk away from you and back on to your insurance provider.