Massage Therapy Student Liability Insurance

Hey Massage Students! Want a Killer Deal on Liability Insurance? Read On. 

At Massage Study Buddy, we are all about making sure you are absolutely prepared and ready to pass the MBLEx® and start your career in this rewarding field. That’s why we’re offering massage students a can’t-beat student policy through Massage Magazine Insurance Plus so students can get the coverage they need to begin their career with absolute confidence. 

MMIP student insurance provides peace of mind for any what-ifs that come up as well as a host of awesome benefits you can use from day one. The best part? This insurance plan costs massage students just pennies per day. Let’s look at why getting massage therapy student liability insurance may be one of the easiest career prep steps you take.

What is MMIP Student Insurance?

MMIP, or Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, has been a leading provider of insurance just for massage and wellness professionals for decades.

MMIP was developed to fill this need while still providing additional support throughout a massage pro’s career. MMIP student insurance is a plan that’s been crafted just for students in massage therapy. It contains all of the same, great coverage options of the MMIP professional plan, just at a drastically-reduced price. 

For just $40, students can get MMIP insurance for massage students, which lasts an entire year and includes more than $1,800 worth of additional membership benefits. We’ll dive more into what massage insurance for students gets you next.  

Let’s consider the timeline. You are in your final courses of massage school and currently using Massage Study Buddy’s *awesome* MBLEx® study questions and practice test curriculum to prepare. You are super excited to get your license and launch your career. By going ahead and getting MMIP massage student insurance while still in school, you will save yourself a whopping 85% over paying the professional rate.