5 Tips on Retailing Products in Your Practice

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5 Tips on Retailing Products in Your Practice

Do you need some ideas on how to generate new income from existing clients by selling retail products? If so, follow these five easy tips.


1. Start Simple

Once you have decided to offer your clients retail products, start with one product or one product line. Get to know it and love it. Try products that are blogged about on organic beauty websites and massage industry sites. Use the retail products on your clients during their treatments and show clients which retail products you used when they check out. Be sure to also treat them with products you do not offer retail, such as an exfoliating treatment or therapeutic massage oil, so they come back to your practice or spa.


2. Always Offer the Best Ingredients

Your client has sought you for your expertise. It is your job to recommend the right products for your clients' specific needs. The demand is high for natural and organic products. Do some research and sample organic retail products. If you use and love the products, it will be easy to sell them. Offer your clients safe and effective organic products that have ingredients for your clients' specific skin-care needs.


3. Meet Your Clients' Daily Needs

Find out what your clients' everyday needs are when choosing which lines to carry. Do they need to relax? Do they have dry skin? Do they have aging skin? Keep in mind your clients' budget when choosing which product lines and items to carry. Ask your clients what lines and products they already purchase. Offer them an incentive to purchase products from you.


4. Create a Retail Environment

Choose a space to dedicate to retail in your massage or spa environment. When displaying products, arrange them minimally with a clearly marked tester. Make sure the tester is always in optimal condition; check frequently.

If you have a smaller practice, display the product on a mirror or small glass shelf inside the session room. Keep your stock out of view to keep the room zen. Perhaps just display one of each item you carry. Be sure to keep your display free from dust.

If you have a retail section at your practice or spa, it is a great idea to use lighting, sound and scent to create an ambiance in your retail section. Dream about how you want your retail space to look, feel and smell—and create it! It is the small touches you offer clients that really make a difference.


5. Seasonal Gifts Are Essential

Make your share of holiday retail dollars by customizing products for each season. Adding seasonal bows, baskets and gift tags to a retail product is a great way to entice your customers to make an impulse holiday purchase from you. This also benefits your clients because they have accomplished their gift shopping while relaxing at your massage practice or spa.


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