A Quest for Healing and Health

A Quest for Healing and Health

A Quest for Healing and Health

How one canine companion led a Cortiva graduate to discover massage

A Quest for Healing and Health, futureLMT.comIt all started with a dog named Porter. Along my travels and trying to "find myself" after high school ended, I arrived in Leadville, Colorado. I had friends in town who were expecting me, but were not home when I arrived. I was greeted by Porter. It was love at first sight!

I quickly bonded with him and soon bonded with his owner, who eventually became my husband. Porter came down with what the vets called immune mediated disease, meaning his immune system was attacking itself. This caused lameness, lethargy, pain, agitation, loss of vitality-and the list goes on. Through course after course of steroids, antibiotics, cosequin, etc., I thought to myself, If his immune system is attacking itself, then why are we weakening it further with all of this medication? I started looking into alternative methods.

I discovered vitamin C helped balance the immune system, and it also acted as a painkiller in dogs. I found that nasturtium and dandelion root and various other herbs helped to stabilize Porter. Then I found massage worked wonders on him. Porter not only regained strength, but also seemed like his old self again. He loved massage the most; he even requested it.

At age 5, Porter died of kidney failure, which I wonder to this day if it was the promotion of the Western intervention. Upon his death, my vet said we actually prolonged his life with the methods we used; simply, they did not think he would live past age 3.

After the death of Porter, my love for natural means of medicine consumed me. I enrolled in college, studying biology and environmental science. I then continued my education pursuing natural health and herbalism, which I am still pursuing. However, to supplement my quest for healing and health, I enrolled in the muscle therapy program at Cortiva Institute, where I quickly adapted to the aspects of wellness.

Upon graduation, I decided I would set up shop and delve into a private practice. During this time, I practiced and pursued many modalities of massage, quenching my thirst for more knowledge and delighting in the progression and results of my education. For four years, I shared office space with two other therapists, dreaming of the day I would finally be able to open a wellness center. In this center, I wished for all aspects of natural healing to come together beneath one roof. Today, this dream is now my reality.

Thanks to the short life of Porter, the constant support from my husband and Cortiva Institute, we formed Gateway Bodyworks & Wellness Center. It is our goal to help and heal one person at a time with the love and respect that came from the teachings of one beautiful dog. Gateway Bodyworks is established to promote wellness, preventive care and holistic health-your gateway to health and healing. Porter truly lived up to his name, teaching me, leading me down my path and I am forever grateful to know and share such an amazing existence. Now I can share my experiences, love, gratitude and knowledge with all who cross my path.

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