Are there any questions?

Are there any questions?

Are there any questions?

This is a question often followed by silence. Why are students afraid to speak up? As an instructor of massage therapy, I see it all the time: students with excellent questions will approach me after class but will not raise their hand during class.

Your questions could be valuable learning opportunities for others in the class. Often a question can spark a class discussion that will bring so much more to the learning environment. However, these learning opportunities are lost when students don't speak up.

When you are unsure whether to ask a question in class, remember this: questions help to make the learning environment more interactive. When a student becomes more actively involved in the learning process, he or she is more likely to have a better understanding of the material and therefore be more successful in the class.

The ability to ask questions and interact also carries over into the massage treatment room and student clinic. Imagine you were receiving a massage and the therapist didn't speak to you. What if the therapist didn't ask you any questions about your health history or your preferences? What if the pressure was too hard?

Asking questions is so important for both the practicing massage therapist and for the student who is just learning the craft. Speaking up will make you a better student and a better therapist. Now, any questions?

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