Build Your Practice with Massage Gift Certificates

Build Your Practice with Massage Gift Certificates

Build Your Practice with Massage Gift Certificates

Six easy ways to boost your income with this essential business tool

Build Your Practice with Massage Gift Certificates, futureLMT.comGift certificates are the original word-of-mouth marketing tool, and they are often the first contact people have with you. Help satisfied clients support your efforts to spread the word by offering them a choice of attractive, warm and professional gift certificates.

Make the most of gift certificate sales

Here are some simple, common-sense tips on using gift certificates to help build your practice.

1. Remind clients gift certificates are always available. Display gift certificates on the counter where your clients pay or in some other prominent place.

2. Make gift certificates stand out. Choose professional, eye-catching gift certificates and envelopes that will make the giver feel proud and the receiver feel special. Some customers suggest attaching bows, stickers and ornaments to dress them up. Some even put together gift baskets including additional small gifts, such as candles, tea bags or aromatherapy products.

3. If you are giving a public presentation or attending a networking group, bring your gift certificates along, display them if appropriate and be prepared to sell them!

4. Make buying gift certificates as easy as possible. Let your clients order them with a check, credit or debit card via phone, by e-mail or through your website. Then mail the gift certificates to clients or directly to the recipients, or make them convenient to pick up after hours.

5. Let your clients know they can add massage to their own wish list. Offer to send an e-mail or postcard to a spouse or other family member with a message like, "You know what she would really like this Mother's Day? A massage from Anne at Relaxed Body and Mind. Call or e-mail for a beautiful gift certificate!"

6. When someone redeems a gift certificate and makes it obvious she likes your work, that person will want to come back. However, sometimes people need a little motivation. Give them a coupon to get them to rebook quicker. This coupon can be for an extra 15 minutes added on to a second session, a special hot-stone/aromatherapy combo or an add-on service like a salt scrub or reflexology treatment.

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