Create a Positive Workplace

Create a Positive Workplace

Create a Positive Workplace

updated 6-12-2015


Ever wonder what it takes to have a long-term career as a massage therapist? While self-care is incredibly important, another key to lasting in this profession is to create a nurturing and enjoyable work environment.

Creating such a positive work environment takes effort beyond simply showing up on time with a smile on your face. Follow these suggestions to help create your ideal workplace.

• Maintain a positive attitude.
• Display dependability by arriving in ample time before your shift.
• Be ethical.
• Take initiative and do things beyond your basic job description.
• Be clear with yourself and your employer that you are willing to work with the company's standards.
• Make sure there is alignment between what you feel is ethical and what the company feels is ethical.
• Communicate in advance about what treatments you are willing to do, and with whom you are willing to work.
• Have enough tools and modality experience to work around most conditions.
• Maintain confidence in your skills.
• Continue your education.
• Be professional and appropriate.
• Be aware that in many cases, you are dealing with a transient population. Don't expect to attract many regular clients (unless you work in a day spa or clinic).
• Maintain professional standards and hold yourself accountable for your actions.
• If you feel the client is infringing on your personal space and making you uncomfortable during a session, end it and notify your supervisor immediately.
• Respect your body and mind as well as the bodies and minds of those to whom you are providing services.
• Be a team player.
• Interact positively with clients and co-workers.
• Review policy and procedure manuals (discuss areas of concern and clarify ambiguous policies).
• Determine logistical requirements, such as who prepares the room for a session.
• Set explicit duties and responsibilities.
• Create clear financial contracts.
• Specify marketing expectations.
• Be certain the front desk personnel is educated about standards, scope of practice and common contraindications.
• Clarify the expected types and levels of communication between practitioners as well as practitioner/management and practitioner/client interactions.
• Take care of yourself: use proper body mechanics and get weekly massages.
• Know what you can live with and without-because you will be tested.

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