Houston Massage School Opens Doors for Instructors

Houston Massage School Opens Doors for Instructors

Houston Massage School Opens Doors for Instructors

HOUSTON, TX -- 05/13/09 -- Massage therapy has gained popularity as individuals are embracing a return to healthy living and the use of massage to prevent illness and injury. The Houston School of Massage is an accredited massage school in Houston that has provided the training for hundreds of massage therapists. Once students have completed the 500-hour massage therapy training program, they have many options, including opening their own practices or seeking employment with spas, salons, hotels and resorts.

Houston massage classes begin on June 15 for the summer massage school. Instruction is available in English and Spanish and students will be certified following the completion of the massage and practical application training program.

Founded by Jose Carillo, Houston School of Massage places an emphasis on individual attention and thorough training by restricting each class to 12 students.

"The goal of each of our instructors is to give students a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of massage therapy," said Carillo. "Classes are small and students are encouraged to ask questions and become knowledgeable about all aspects of the profession."

Once the course is completed, students must take a state exam certifying them as a licensed massage therapist. Carillo is proud of the instructors at the school, citing their commitment to helping others as well as training future massage therapists. Stanley McDonald was honored with the 2008 "Volunteer of the Year Award" for the Legacy Community Health Clinic.

"Our instructors are not only excellent teachers, but great human beings," said Carillo. "A successful massage therapist is not only good with his/her hands, but shows interest in each of their clients and the community in which they live."

Once licensed, massage therapists are always able to return to the massage school in Houston for valuable continuing education training. Specialities include hot Stone, infant massage, corporate chair and reflex spa treatment.

About Houston School of Massage

Houston School of Massage (HSM), an accredited massage school in Houston, Texas, offers in both English and Spanish, instruction in massage therapy and therapeutic massage. Areas of instruction include Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Health and Hygiene and Hydrotherapy. Instruction is also available for continuing education and advanced training in massage therapy.

For more information, please contact Jose E. Carrillo, Houston School of Massage, (713) 681-5275 or http://www.houstonschoolofmassage.com.

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