How to Give a Proper Presentation

How to Give a Proper Presentation

How to Give a Proper Presentation

How to Give a Proper Presentation, MASSAGE MagazineGiving a proper presentation is an excellent way to market oneself. It is a personable and inexpensive way to build your business. In giving a presentation, your target audience can see you in action, describing the passion you display for your massage therapy business and why they should choose you over your competition. Remember the old adage, "You only have one chance to make a good impression."

Look your professional best---either a business suit or massage scrubs would be suitable. This is not to rob you of your personal expression, but this is a business setting. If you are a woman, it is ideal to wear only one pair of earrings close to the ear, not too much makeup and to cover up any tattoos. A business setting is usually conservative in nature, unless it is a company, like Google, that encourages personal expression in the workplace.

People in the audience will subconsciously ask themselves while you speak, "Do I want this person to touch me?" Keep this question in mind as you prepare to dress for the presentation. The same thing applies to men, along with no baggy pants or shirts three sizes too big. Your audience will be sizing you up during the presentation to determine if you are professional enough to be trusted. The less skin you expose, the more your audience will pay attention to what you are saying and not critiquing how you look. Think of the presentation as a job interview, because in reality the client is your boss, paying your salary whether every week or once a month. The key is to build a steady clientele.

Keep in mind to speak to the audience as individuals and not as a group. Give eye contact to each and everyone at the presentation, if possible, unless the group is too large. Begin making eye contact with a person at the beginning, end and middle of a row of seats. In small group settings, make eye contact with everyone in the room to make sure each person feels included. Do not be discouraged if eyes dart away when you make contact; some people are just uncomfortable with eye contact. This will give you great insight to those potential clients as well, because if the person is uncomfortable with eye contact, then he or she will most likely be uncomfortable with touch.

The best advice for any presentation is not only to look presentable, but to be prepared. Prepare an upbeat speech with the benefits of massage therapy. Gear your presentation to the audience that is attending. For example, if you are presenting at a retirement home, then convey information that pertains to seniors that will keep them agile and flexible. For a presentation involving working professionals, emphasize stress reduction will improve their work performance.

Most presentations will run about 15 minutes. It is best to find out your time allotment when booking the presentation. It is also a good idea to find out approximately how many people will be attending. If you are nervous about speaking in front of a group, you can arrange a demonstration of your services, time permitting. For the demonstration, either choose someone ahead of the meeting or bring someone with you. Choosing an anonymous person may lead you down an unknown path with someone who may have contraindications, or may say something you were not expecting. The last thing you need in your presentation is to be thrown off balance. If you do decide to perform a demonstration, keep it short and simple. Demonstrate a hand massage or palming over the clothes, which can avoid any embarrassing moments.

The best presentations are short, sweet and with interesting and informative information. And don't forget your business cards! Even if you don't book an appointment at the presentation, people will have your face and personality implanted in their minds and a business card to call you when they want massage.

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