I Failed the MBLEx®: Now What

I failed the MBLEx

I Failed the MBLEx®: Now What

You failed the MBLEx®.

Yeah, we started the blog this way. We even put that sentence in bold. Why? It’s not because we’re mean or think you failed, but because the sooner we can get this anxious, ugly truth out of the way, the sooner we can stop giving it the power you think it has.

So, you failed the MBLEx®? Our follow-up question is this—so what?

Each and every year, there are thousands of aspiring massage therapists just like you who are hoping to pass their exam with flying colors, and each and every year, a good percentage of those people don’t pass on their first time around. And you know what?

That’s OK.

Failing the first pass at this exam only means you have areas to improve on. It does not mean you’ve failed anyone, failed yourself, or have no hope of achieving your dreams.

You absolutely haven’t failed anyone, especially not yourself—and if you’re determined and dedicated, your dreams are well within your grasp.

You just need to take the right next steps to get there.

That’s where this blog comes into play. Today, we’re talking about why people fail the MBLEx and how you can transform what might feel like an overwhelming result into the catalyst that drives your future massage success.

Ready to learn how? Good—keep reading!

The Top Reasons Students Fail the MBLEx®

We’re not going to pretend there’s a single, comprehensive list out there that outlines exactly why some people fail the MBLEx®. Every person is different, every exam environment is different, and every set of circumstances surrounding the test is different.

Still, there are a few commonly referenced reasons that students fail the first time around. And we’re going to address each and every single one right here, right now.

Inconsistent Study Strategies

We’re not saying that everyone succeeds with a strict study schedule, but odds are, sticking with a consistent study strategy is sure to help. Whether this means setting up times to study, arranging times that are optimal for your current schedule, or setting specific goals for each study session, it’s crucial to have a goal in mind if you’re this type of learner. Often, those who don’t keep up with study schedules or develop good study habits can end up leaving students lacking when it comes to the material on the exam.

Test-Taking Nerves

You know what? It happens. There are plenty of ways to combat test-taking nerves, but ultimately this can be a reason that some students fail their MBLEx® on their first go. It’s just too overwhelming. Our advice is to study what you can do to relax the tension and focus on the task at hand without getting anxious.

Poor Time Management

Studying is tough enough—add in life, responsibilities, adequate sleep, and everything else you have going on and you’re probably absolutely desperate to get any study time in. Poor time management often means less time to study, which can mean a low score on your exam.

Weak Understanding of the Material

Maybe you just didn’t get it this time around. That’s OK, too. Sometimes, students have weak foundational knowledge and still try to pass the exam. This simply doesn’t work.

Your Next Steps: How to Get Past Failing the MBLEx® to Find Future Success

First, Don’t Panic

Easier said than done, we know. But it is crucial if you want to learn from this experience instead of letting it get you down. Our suggestion? Go at it with this train of thought—“so I failed the MBLEx® on my first go—so what?” Don’t lean into panicking, because ultimately it’s not the end of the world.

Let Yourself Feel

Tell yourself it’s OK to feel disappointed or upset—because it is OK to feel this way. Allowing yourself to feel the emotions you already have brewing inside you is going to allow you to process and move on faster. Don’t try to bottle it up, be disappointed if you must, but know that it’s all going to work out fine.

Take Ownership of this Result

You failed—take ownership of this! It doesn’t mean you’re a bad student and it doesn’t mean you’re going to be a bad massage therapist. What it does mean is that something in your studying or test-taking process didn’t work—taking ownership of that is the first step in figuring out how to right the ship.

Decide: Will You Take the MBLEx® Again?

Make this decision early on—do you actually want to take the MBLEx again? If being a massage therapist is your dream, then this is an easy yes. Don’t just skip out on being a massage therapist if the exam feels too overwhelming—don’t sell yourself short!

List Out Your MBLEx® Goals, Pain Points, & Objectives

Get logistical with it and list out exactly what you need to pass this next round of MBLEx. What are your goals? What are your pain points? Where do you struggle? What are your study objectives? Outlining a plan can work wonders for your future studying habits.

Evaluate Why You Failed the First Go ‘Round

There’s a reason you didn’t do so hot the first round—identify that. Once you’ve got that figured out, you’ll know where your focus should be directed even stronger this time around. If it’s test anxiety, get a handle on it. If it’s the material, study the parts that confuse you. If it’s the overwhelming pressure you’re feeling, try to remember why you’re doing all this to begin with.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Study, study, study. This means scheduling time—yep, scheduling—on your calendar every week, getting the right material, and investing in yourself and your future by preparing as much and as hard as you can.

Believe in Yourself

We’re not just being corny when we say this. You need to believe in yourself to get where you want to be. Our advice? List out your strengths, evaluate your goals, and think hard about your objectives. We know you can pass this exam—you need to believe in yourself first, though.

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