Keep Yourself Healthy as You Care for Others


Keep Yourself Healthy as You Care for Others

Massage clinics, studying, tests, family and work are a few of the things massage students contend with daily.

Sound overwhelming? It feels overwhelming.


Your Time Is Limited

The key to surviving and ultimately thriving is to put ourselves first on the list of those to whom we provide nurturing and healing. How often do you attend to your schoolwork, clinic clients, family and job, just to get home and find you did not practice any self-care activity and have no energy left to do so? On a typical day, were you able to eat healthy, stretch, meditate or even deep breathe? Many students say there are just not enough hours in the day.

The big question is this: How can we find a balance between providing the great care we give to others and creating the health, vigor and grounding we need to practice day in and day out?


Put Yourself First

The answer is to put yourself first on your list. Schedule yourself in your daily planner. If someone wants to schedule during your time, you can truthfully tell him you already have a client scheduled. You have now become one of your own valuable clients and will receive the daily holistic care you deserve.

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What to Do During Me-Time

Practice any healing modality you can to attain the best health and mindset. Many options are available:

  • A morning meditation, yoga session, tai-chi routine or exercise session is a great way to start the day.
  • Planning and packing wholesome and healthy meals and snacks will nourish you all day.
  • Scheduling a massage or energy session will ease stress, tension and muscle aches.
  • Grounding and centering before each client or test will boost confidence and decrease stress.
  • Deep breathing and stretching or even a laughter session will help keep all of your muscles relaxed, even the diaphragm.
  • A daily imagery, visualization or manifestation session will allow you to set the tone for the day and to attain positive benefits.


Commit to Regular Self-Care

Take a few moments and affirm that you are worth the same time, consideration and holistic care that you are providing for your clinic clients and classmates.

If your school curriculum does not include a self-care component, be an advocate for your classmates and yourself by providing the seeds for your school administration to sow. You may find yourself a pioneer in promoting self-care for our growing field.


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