Licenses and Permits

Licenses and Permits

Licenses and Permits

You need to know the local, state and federal requirements that influence business startup. One of the best sites I've found that has links to all the states is FindLaw for Small Business, Some of these sites also provide links to massage board regulations.

Your local city hall can also provide you with information and resources. The following list is an overview of the basic required licenses and permits, and who to contact for specific information and forms. This list doesn't cover every possible situation, as your business may have special site requirements or industry regulations.

Business License
Allows you the privilege of doing business. Contact your business-licensing bureau.

Occupational License
Allows you to work in a specific industry as long as you comply with that profession's regulations. Contact the state agency of consumer affairs or the local business-licensing bureau.

Transaction Privilege Tax License
Allows you to collect (and remit) sales tax. Contact your state department of revenue.

Planning and Zoning Permits
These permits are issued after your location has been assessed and show the business operation conforms to area plans, has proper zoning and has adequate parking. Contact your city/county planning department.
Building Safety Permit
This permit is issued after your location is inspected and is found safe for you and your clients as well as complies with fire and building codes. Contact the local fire department.

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