Manage Your Massage Practice Efficiently with Online Scheduling

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Manage Your Massage Practice Efficiently with Online Scheduling

As a massage student, you can start to research and prepare for the business-management side of running a massage practice. One feature that can help make the transition a bit smoother is seamlessly integrated scheduling that includes online booking for clients, client management and automated notifications.

By incorporating online-scheduling components, you no longer have to be a slave to your phone and can spend time attending to other needs and improving other aspects of your practice. It allows you more time to focus and be present with clients, write an e-newsletter or do any number of tasks necessary to run a successful massage business. It's also convenient for existing and prospective clients, as it offers them the freedom to book a service with you whenever and from wherever they are.

The bottom line is, scheduling means more time and freedom for you and your clients.

There are a lot of competing products out there, so it's important to know what you need and whether those products can really deliver. The best software for your business will satisfy both your needs and your clients'.

In establishing your massage practice, look for industry-specific scheduling software that understands you don't just want to manage your business-you want it to grow. This software should:

  • Be easy to import and export contacts
  • Incorporate other business tools such as SOAP notes, billing, payment processing, accounting and client intake forms
  • Send automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Allow you to promote times and services across social media and contacts
  • Encourage referrals from existing clients
  • Foster reviews and display them online where they create more business

For your clients, this software should:

  • Give clear expectations for the service they will receive and who will give it
  • Be easy to navigate and quick to book
  • Allow clients to look at a schedule several weeks or months out
  • Include client intake forms, so they can fill them out prior to their first visit
  • Automatically send an e-mail and/or text reminder (ask your massage clients for their preference) of the appointment day and time


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