Networking as a Student

Networking as a Student

Networking as a Student

Relationship building is a key to success in many industries and work environments. It helps promote communication, which is vital to the success of everyday operations. But most importantly, it brings about the achievement of individual goals while helping individuals partake wholly in the planning of their own career success.

One of the best times to start networking is while attending a massage-therapy program or school. The relationships students can build with their classmates may help situate them ahead in their chosen careers. The momentum and benefits, which can be created with relationship building while a massage-therapy student, may create a wealth of additional opportunities for individuals upon graduation and thereafter.

Moreover, what better way exists in performing an exchange of massage-therapy sessions other than contacting that classmate of yours who you hit it off pretty well while taking massage-therapy courses? An added value packet, managing self-help sessions for personal wellness requires networking with colleagues. Your classmates are a source of instant access to future qualified massage therapists when managing a personal wellness plan that includes massage therapy for your own well-being.

When asked when the best time to start networking is, the answer ought to be "right away!" As soon as you have been admitted into a massage-therapy program, the first day of class is always the best time to start building relationships that last a lifetime and promote a mutually beneficial awareness of massage therapy.

Efthimios Vlahos, a leading massage therapist licensed in the state of Illinois, is the program coordinator for massage therapy in the School of Health Science at Northwestern Business College, with locations in Bridgeview, Chicago and Naperville, Illinois. For more information, visit


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