New Jersey Massage School Offers Online and On-Site Massage, Nutrition Programs

New Jersey Massage School Offers Online and On-Site Massage, Nutrition Programs

New Jersey Massage School Offers Online and On-Site Massage, Nutrition Programs

New Jersey Massage School Offers Online and On-Site Massage, Nutrition Programs, futureLMT.comWoodbridge, N.J. The Academy of Natural Health Sciences, an innovative holistic health school located in Woodbridge, New Jersey, has launched a stronger marketing effort regarding its online and classroom massage and nutrition programs.

The academy's website discusses both its classroom massage therapy and nutrition programs, and its online home-study training system in holistic health specialties. The training offers different kinds of certifications and degrees per subject being promoted, including licensing of the student as appropriate. (The academy is a New Jersey Department of Education-approved private vocational school.)

"Our massage, nutrition and holistic health programs feature low-cost tuitions," according to the site. "Small class sizes and convenient online programs make it easy for our expert instructors to prepare anyone for a rewarding, professional career."

Between its classroom attendees and online participants, the school states it has hundreds of students from around the world. "Our massage therapy, holistic nutrition counseling, aromatherapy classes, reiki, master herbalist, sports nutrition, pet nutrition, pet careers, and other natural healing courses are great trainings with affordable tuition." The total training course generally takes 10 months, divided into 16 different seminars.

The subjects represent a body of knowledge that is only now receiving its due as a respected practice worthy of professional level training. Research continues, for example, to further develop or confirm the viability of nutritional supplements and dietary plans for improving or optimizing health. The credentialing or certification of the programs and students is meant to establish a professional standard of care, and to ensure that the instructions reflect the latest and most accurate information in the subjects covered. Individuals undergoing these classes are then equipped to become licensed in New Jersey to practice massage therapy, nutritional counseling and other alternative disciplines.

Observers feel the current structure of the holistic health school provides a great foundation in the practical and theoretical aspects of holistic health. Consumers who engage these trained and licensed professionals later can have greater confidence they are receiving competent service. Only through an informed combination of diet, nutrition and emphasis on the holistic concepts by both the professional and their clients can the benefits of this natural approach to healing be realized. The academy, thus, expects its training process continue to produce outstanding candidates for private practice in holistic health subject matter well into the future.

About the Academy of Natural Health Sciences

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences offers multiple holistic health programs. These certified programs provide theoretical and practical knowledge to individuals who want to make a career in this field. Learn more at

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