Northwestern Health Sciences University Receives $750,000 from Standard Process to Help Develop a Nutrition Program

Northwestern Health Sciences University Receives $750,000 from Standard Process to Help Develop a Nutrition Program

Northwestern Health Sciences University Receives $750,000 from Standard Process to Help Develop a Nutrition Program

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Standard Process, Inc., a whole foods supplement company located in Palmyra, Wis. recently announced that they have donated $750,000 to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn.

The gift will be used by Northwestern to establish an endowed faculty chair position and provide funding to develop a master's degree program in clinical nutrition. The donation for the nutrition program comes in addition to the $250,000 donation previously given by Standard Process for Northwestern's Standard Process Healing Garden. The donations from the company now total more than $1 million.

"Charles DuBois, president and CEO of Standard Process, is committed to nutrition and higher education, natural health care information and the chiropractic profession," says Mark Zeigler, DC, president of Northwestern. "He is eager to enhance and support nutritional education in our institution, especially whole foods supplementation."

"Standard Process is pleased to support Northwestern as they build their nutrition program," explains DuBois. "Incorporating nutrition into the other natural health programs offered at the University - chiropractic, Oriental medicine, massage therapy and acupuncture - will benefit the students as well as the patients they treat in years to come," he adds.

The mission of Standard Process includes supplying customers with healthy products and supplements that are derived from actual plant material, rather than the artificial supplements that many drug companies produce. Their goal is to improve their customers' quality of life through their supplements and education. "Nutrition plays a critical role in everyone's lifestyle," explains DuBois.

Chiropractic care has utilized nutritional science for a long time.

"Nutrition was taught in chiropractic schools long before it was taught in medical schools," explains Charles Sawyer, DC, senior vice president and provost at Northwestern. "The disciplines have a long-standing relationship."

The deep connection between Standard Process and the chiropractic profession led to a relationship between the company and Northwestern.

DuBois wanted to support chiropractic education, and had an interest in supporting a clinical master's nutrition program in a chiropractic school. According to Dr. Zeigler, "Northwestern's proven leadership in the chiropractic profession, the success of our alumni, our work ethic, commitment, and our common Midwestern values, all added up to be an institution that Standard Process was interested in supporting."

Because of the endowment aspect of the donation, the relationship between Standard Process and Northwestern will be long-lasting. "With the endowed nutrition chair at Northwestern, a lasting relationship between institutions has been established," says DuBois. "This is the foundation of an educational program that will reinforce the value of nutrition and whole food supplements. We are pleased to be part of this as it will shape the expectations of nutritional education and the future of wellness practitioners in the health care field."

The clinical master's nutrition program is currently under development. Dr. Sawyer has been interested in providing a program like this for more than two years. "I'm very, very grateful for the donation from Standard Process to help us create this program," he says. Now that Northwestern has the funding, that vision is on a faster track.

Northwestern Health Sciences University offers a wide array of choices in natural health care education includin g chiropractic, Oriental medicine, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and human biology. The University has nearly 900 students on a 25-acre campus in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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