Online Help for Job Seekers

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Online Help for Job Seekers

You're in massage school and beginning to think about life after graduation—but where will you find a massage job? A good place to start your search is on one of the many websites that can help you get settled in your new career.

There are two categories of sites that fulfill this purpose: job sites, which match job seekers with employment openings (think clinics and spas); and therapist-locator sites, where clients research local therapists in private practice (you'll have to register on these sites).


Job Sites

Behind The Chair:




Hospitality Jobs Online:


ISPA Job Bank: (click Careers)



Salon Channel:

Also, check your local newspaper's classified ads online.


Massage Therapist Locator Sites

American Massage Therapy Association's Find a Massage Therapist:

Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals:

I Want A

Massage Anywhere:

Therapeutic Directory:


More Help

Check with your local or state association chapter to see if it offers a therapist-locator site. To find additional sites, type "find a massage therapist" into any search engine.


Information last updated 7-20-16.

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