Pre-Advertising for Your Future Massage Therapy Business

Pre-Advertising for Your Future Massage Therapy Business

Pre-Advertising for Your Future Massage Therapy Business

Pre-Advertising for Your Future Massage Therapy Business, futureLMT.comOne way to help you get started in your massage therapy business is to start asking yourself questions-and by questions, I mean the real stuff. I'm not referring to such questions as, "Where will I set up my massage business?" but more along the lines of "How do I come across to my clients, honestly?" and "What do my clients see in me that is beneficial to them?" By asking these types of questions, you provide an opportunity to examine the truth of how you'll be practicing massage from now on.

The answers that come from your self-assessment will save you from years of struggle and hardship.

Having a massage therapy business that is successful depends on your communication. Your communication consists of everything from your tone of voice when you answer the phone, to the manner in which you speak to clients, to your business cards and marketing.

Let's start by looking at some questions to ask yourself.

What do my clients truly want from me as their massage therapist?

I'll give you a hint: it's not just a good massage. Different target markets want different things from a massage. (A target market describes the group of people that become your clients.) For example, pregnant women want a different massage experience than a sports person or professional athlete desires.

Your clients are not coming to you because they only want massage; they want your massage to do something for them. Your job is to work out what the massage does for them. By answering these questions effectively, you will be ahead of 90 percent of massage therapists today.

If you don't know the answers to these big questions, then ask your clients directly. Ask them what they seek when they come for massage. Once you've understood this, then you will understand what you need to do to provide what your clients seek. This feedback will enable you to provide your clients with a better massage service.

At a conference where I taught massage marketing, a massage therapist expressed his frustration to me. He had been in business for 10 years and was still unable to get the numbers of clients he truly wanted. After a few minutes of talking with him, I realized he was providing a type of massage that no one really wanted. If he had of done this simple exercise, he wouldn't have wasted all that time and effort for so little return.

So be smart, and work effectively. Ask your clients for feedback-they are the backbone of your future massage business.

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