Preparing Your Massage Business for the Long Term

Preparing Your Massage Business for the Long Term

Preparing Your Massage Business for the Long Term

Preparing Your Massage Business for the Long Term, MASSAGE MagazineIn order to help you become a successful massage therapist, I could use such business terms as "strategic marketing," "USP" and many others---but that will just confuse you. Instead, I'm going to teach you some easy ways to understand massage therapy as a business. Once you understand that any massage therapist who works for herself is in a business and runs a practice as such, you will be able to grasp these concepts more easily.

For starters, if you are studying massage and thinking about embarking on a massage business of your own, it's important to remember a handful of things that will help you enormously throughout the years.

First, there is a fine line between being of service and burning yourself out in the massage industry. Taking care of yourself to avoid burnout is a huge priority before setting up your business.

It is hard to imagine what burnout must be like if you have not felt it before. Burnout is mental and physical exhaustion withhigh levels of ongoing stress all wrapped up in a neat package, ready to ruin your massage business the minute you falter.

This leaves me to emphasize the point of looking after yourself. You may think it's a blissful thing to have 30 clients a week---and it is, provided you can keep the energy up. We all get tired, but when will you be able to rest or take time off? Preparing for the long term is very important for your health and, as a result, your massage business. Your health and your massage business are the same thing.

Did you know that success really boils down to a formula? Yes, it's amazing, but it's true. Understanding this formula will give you fast and furious success, even when you least expect it. Learn this formula and you could have the practice of your dreams.

This magic formula is no more than sound marketing principles to run your massage business. It's not "rocket science" as they say, it's simple understanding of human psychology.

All marketing is communication, a way to appeal to your potential clients and no more. It's about making them feel safe in dealing with you at first glance. There are ways to do this, and there are ways to ruin your chances. Understand this formula and become the successful therapist you want to be.

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