Send Massage E-Newsletters

Send Massage E-Newsletters

Send Massage E-Newsletters

A smart and affordable way to build your new practice

Send Massage E-newsletters, futureLMT.comSending e-mail newsletters (e-newsletters) is a personal and cost-effective approach for staying in touch with your clients between sessions. It can also help build your practice. Sending information that is easy to read, respond to or forward to others can naturally lead to more frequent scheduling and more new client referrals.


Make sure your e-newsletter gets read

Remember, people already receive a lot of e-mail, so make sure your e-newsletter offers something of value-not just fluff.

• Send mostly new information in each issue. For example, write about a special, expansion of services, explanation of a technique or a client success story.

• Keep the newsletter short and easy to read with plenty of white space.

• Send e-newsletters regularly. Your clients will begin to notice they come on a fixed schedule, and they may start to look forward to the interesting articles or news.

• Send a specific call to action. Examples include: "Schedule before Nov. 1 for $10 off your next session;" "E-mail for gift-certificate purchases-I will make sure you receive them before Christmas;" or "Call now to schedule."

How to get readers

• Ask clients to sign up when they come in for their sessions.

• Add people to your list when you give demos, presentations or attend networking groups.

• Ask visitors to register on your Web site. Prominently feature an opt-in box, and highlight the word "free."

People are spending more and more time on the Internet and checking their e-mail. Sending e-newsletters is a powerful way to grow your new practice.

For guidelines on creating and sending an e-newsletter, read "Market with Massage E-newsletter," by Diana Moore.

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