Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui


Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui

After spending all winter stuck inside, spring weather is beginning to bloom. In addition to getting out the old broom and mop for spring cleaning, feng shui can improve the flow of energy in any space.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art and science based on laws that direct the flow of energy, or qi. Feng shui masters believe clutter leads to negative outcomes like low energy levels, misfortune, money problems, blocked creativity, ill health and mental confusion. With these tips, you can use feng shui to give your space a positive change.

  • Declutter. Review your work space and make a list of all things that should and shouldn't be there. Decluttering is the first step.
  • Clear and make repairs. Clear the space, and clean and make repairs, including windows, walls, floors, carpets and shelves.
  • Prioritize. Go through your possessions and decide which books and music you can sell, pass along or donate. Clear out old receipts, organize your cabinets, and clear the bathroom of old soaps, torn towels and expired medications. Go through your closet and donate clothes you haven't worn in more than a year, or that no longer fit.
  • Other spaces. Feng shui the car, home office and yard as well. To feng shui your car, completely clean the interior. Take out the winter supplies like snow scrapers and extra wiper fluid and replace them with items you'll need for spring and summer, such as a beach bag, folding chairs and sports equipment. To spring clean your yard, clear up winter debris, plan your garden or grass/flower treatment, repair fences and outdoor fixtures, get water features cleared and cleaned and water pumps working. Make sure your garden hoses, tools and equipment are in good working order.

Once you have cleared, cleaned and reorganized your home, work space, car or outdoor area, sit back, enjoy and breathe in the new energy.

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