Target Market Analysis

Target Market Analysis

Target Market Analysis

Target Market Analysis

Instead of sending an offer to a large, generalized group of people, it is much more effective to tailor your services to a selected market segment and then promote your offer to that segment. Once you identify your target market, you can design your marketing campaign to achieve the best results at the best cost.

1. Identify the Target
Examples: cyclists, attorneys, seniors
For more examples, see "Typical Massage Client Target Markets"

2. Target's Needs and Goals
Physical, emotional, and personal

3. Features Your Practice Offers
Extended hours, hydraulic table
Whenever possible, match these with Target's Needs and Goals.

4. Benefits Your Services Provide
See our free poster, "Massage Benefits"
Whenever possible, match these with Target's Needs and Goals.

5. Places to Find Members of This Market
Stores where they shop, places where they socialize, online newsgroups

6. Publications They Read
Local and national magazines, print and online newsletters

7. Groups They Belong To
Support groups, civic organizations, professional associations, and social clubs

8. Special Events & Important Dates
Awareness days, races (for athletes), stressful seasons (e.g., tax season, January through April, for accountants)

9. Companies and Wellness Providers Who Service This Market
Specialty products, physicians, other allied healthcare providers

10. Trends That Will Most Likely Affect This Market
Industry changes, aging, finances

11. Where They Look for Help
Online resources, telephone book, bulletin boards, friends, organizations

12. Needs That Aren't Being Met by Traditional Services and Products
This could range from physical relief from a current condition to emotional components such as compassion and understanding

>> For more tips and advice on identifying your target market, see Issue 4's Online Resources.

>> Use our Target Market Profile form to create a demographic sketch of your client. The information you gather can help you make the right decisions about your advertising, marketing, and promotions.

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