The Benefits of Study Partners

The Benefits of Study Partners

The Benefits of Study Partners

When I taught in brick-and-mortar schools, I encouraged my massage students to view school as a family project, especially if they were trying to balance school and a family life. It is very important to study and review your classwork every day, and what could be more perfect than having study time with the entire family.

Study habits are very important. If you are in school trying to further your career, having your family/friends/significant other involved with your school studies is very important. Making your family your study partners helps make study habits a naturally occurring positive experience in your home for everyone involved. Your significant other may be reading the TV Guide while you are pulling your hair out, but just having the company is excellent support to reduce overall stress.

You may want to look at the experience as a "quiet" time for an affirmative family connection. Study habits are the only way to ensure school efforts are not just frustrating, and they help to avoid feeling studying is just another chore to do.

Involving the entire family as study partners is one way to promote beneficial study habits, but what if you are single and live alone? Do you have a pet? Then involve your pet in your study habits as your study partner. Use different voice inflections to practice your anatomy and physiology terminology. Make it a game with your pets and watch the different reactions they give you to the Latin phrases. Remember those funny face reactions by associating them with the terms, and have a laugh in the middle of class when taking your exam.

Having class study partners may be an excellent avenue to establish study habits. Many classmates are in the same position struggling with terms and concepts.

Your study habits and study partners in school will eventually turn into work habits and future networking for your career field. If you establish good study networking habits in school, it will only increase your success potential in your career field once you graduate. There will always be paperwork and research to be performed in order to stay informed and profitable in your area of expertise. Study habits and partners not only benefit a better than average GPA score while in school, but they also ensure a successful career and future networking.

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