Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health Care Careers on Rise in BC

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health Care Careers on Rise in BC

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health Care Careers on Rise in BC

Acceptance of TCM by Mainstream Western Medical Community Fuels Industry Growth

Burnaby, BC (Vocus/PRWEB ) August 31, 2009 -- Careers in holistic health care have risen steadily over the last decade. Increased awareness and acceptance of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other alternative health practices have fueled the growth in the field. The increased popularity lies with the general public, according to Dr. John Yang, Dean of Faculty and Clinic Director at PCU College of Holistic Medicine in Burnaby (

"People, especially those living with chronic conditions, are looking for something that will restore them to wellness in a natural way," says Dr. Yang. "TCM is a very economical and practical method of treatment that involves one practitioner making a diagnosis based on TCM theory, prescribing treatment and monitoring the results."

Ranging from acupuncture and herbal medicine to taiji and qigong, Western Medical practitioners have recognized the benefits of various TCM practices to treat tobacco addiction, depression, gynecological issues, diabetes, chronic pain and other conditions. Specifically, TCM herbal therapy and acupuncture have been used in conjunction with Western Medicine to counter chemotherapy-related nausea. This was reinforced by the formation of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CTCMA) of BC in 1996.

Since opening its doors in 2002, PCU College has seen a steady increase in the number of students, especially in the Tuina / Anmo, Acupuncture, TCM Practitioner and Doctor of TCM programs. More information is available at

"When the provincial government acknowledged TCM as the main component of holistic medicine and established the CTCMA as a self-governing licensing body for British Columbia, it brought TCM closer to the mainstream," adds Yang. "And since 2007, BC has covered acupuncture under the Medical Services Plan."

The Traditional Chinese Medicine programs at PCU College range from a one-year Tuina / Anmo (Chinese Massage) program to a four-year Doctor of TCM diploma. Candidates must have a minimum of two years of post-secondary education prior to enrollment. The college is currently accepting applications for all programs.

About PCU College of Holistic Medicine
PCU College of Holistic Medicine specializes in teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and alternative health care treatments in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Since opening in 2002, PCU College has become one of the leading TCM training and clinical institutions in Canada and has built a diverse, multi-cultural faculty from around the world. The college is also home to PCU College Holistic Healing Centre, an on-site training clinic and herbal apothecary that is open to the public.


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