What is your purpose on the planet?

What is your purpose on the planet?

What is your purpose on the planet?

Determining one's purpose is the single most important endeavor a student or prospective student of massage can engage in. If you are in touch with your purpose, you cannot fail, as you will direct all of your energies towards that single goal. Practitioners of the healing arts, including acupuncture physicians, allopathic physicians (MDs and DOs), ayurvedic physicians, chiropractic physicians and naturopathic physicians, examine the purpose of their practice. We suggest that you examine your purpose on an even broader scale. What is your purpose on the planet?

Now if this question seems too spiritual, remember healing and spiritual pursuits have been intertwined throughout history, both in the Eastern and Western traditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine is closely associated with the Taoist tradition and Ayurveda with the Hindu religions. The medicine man was both a healer and a spiritual leader in primitive societies. Christ's ministry was based on healing, "the laying on of hands."

Many consider massage a calling. You are entering a field that has more impact on society than you can possibly imagine. For you and your clients, your lives will be forever changed. Massage will be your profession and your way of life. Your work will become purposeful activity fulfilling your purpose for being on the planet. The joy and wellbeing it brings to you and those you touch will be immeasurable.

The purpose of massage, bodywork and energetic healing field is very diverse, and your purpose can, depending on the laws in the state in which you decide to practice, contribute to healing specific diseases, aid in relaxation, pain reduction and reducing psychological stress or can increase one's awareness and consciousness. It can assist in spiritual growth, increase flexibility and mobility or help structural issues, or it may simply help with one's self concept and body image. Your purpose may be to support detoxification and dietary changes and help deal with allergy sensitivity issues or improved athletic performance. It can even be a significant, if not exclusive, method of maintaining one's health. Any and all of these activities are important, but true success is the result of fulfilling your purpose.

Given the significance of finding one's purpose, you may feel inadequate to the task. However, you cannot fail because the answer is within you. Your interests, experiences, natural abilities and intuition will guide you to your purpose. Simply pay attention with the question in mind.

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