Why Webinars? The Benefits of Online Continuing Education

Why Webinars? The Benefits of Online Continuing Education

Why Webinars? The Benefits of Online Continuing Education

Why Webinars? The Benefits of Online Continuing Education, futureLMT.comLifelong learning is great; it keeps you young! But with such a wealth of educational opportunities, why choose online education? What does a webinar format offer that's different from any other workshop or class?

1. The convenience factor is huge. Forget about overnight bags, gas station bathrooms and dressing to impress. Forget about rescheduling your regular clients and worrying about how they'll manage when you're gone. For that matter, forget about missing three days worth of income, and worrying about how you'll manage when you're gone. With webinars, you never have to leave home.

2. Learn at your own pace. Webinars are fabulous for all kinds of learning styles. They're live, right in the moment, with a qualified instructor. Webinars are typically recorded, which means anytime you need to review, you can watch the entire presentation again. This means you can focus on watching rather than scrambling to take notes the entire time.

If you're into intensive learning sessions, you can watch all of the presenters live, right in a row. But if you need to spread things out and give yourself time to reflect in between, you can choose one or two presenters to watch live, and save the rest for later. Fit your learning into the framework of your work, family and personal life, rather than trying to reschedule your life around a class.

3. Learn from diversity. Webinars can include instructors from various backgrounds, each teaching a different kind of subject matter. So in each webinar, you'll find not only information you've been wanting to learn forever from instructors you trust, but new ideas and people who were completely off your radar before. It's a great opportunity to expand your vision, try something outside your comfort zone and develop skills in an aspect of the wellness industry that might never have occurred to you. What are the odds of all these people visiting your hometown for a personal class in the near future?

4. Learn from the best. Choosing to take an in-person class with someone can be nerve-wracking. It's a significant investment of money, energy and time, and unless you already have personal experience with the instructor, you never know whether the whole thing's going to be a total bust. Find a platform that does the legwork for you, hand-picking from among the best presenters around. You can look forward to learning from professionals who not only know their stuff, but they know how to communicate it so that you can know it, too.

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