How to Write a Compelling Bio, Part 1: What to Include


How to Write a Compelling Bio, Part 1: What to Include

A compelling biography helps prospective clients get to know and trust you, while also allowing you to inform them about your massage services. As a massage practitioner, you can post your bio in many important places, including your website, online directories, online appointment-booking applications, brochures and other marketing materials you create.

A well-written bio can be the difference between gaining a new client because you sound professional and trustworthy to losing someone's interest by sounding inexperienced. A bio is influential when a prospective client shops around for services. A compelling bio will bring in business by getting you noticed.

Before writing your actual bio, get organized by taking a minute to sit down and list some of the information you want to include in it.



  • Current job information. Let clients know exactly what you do and give a brief description of the services you offer.
  • Qualifications. Clients trust you with their well-being, and they want to know they are in good hands. Let them know what educational degrees and certifications you have, so they don't have to worry if you will meet basic standards, like following health codes. You might also want to include relevant professional memberships.
  • Work experience. If you've had your own practice for 10 years, mention this impressive experience. Also, consider mentioning any internships at prestigious practices, training or work experience you had abroad, and other related wellness fields you may have studied.
  • Publications. Let people know if you've written a book or published any research on the type of service you provide. The more you seem like an expert in the field, the more clients will trust you.
  • Accomplishments. Awards, inventions and presentations at prestigious conferences let clients know how intelligent you are, building trust even more.


You might also want to include:

  • The reason you got into your field of work. If you started practicing massage because it helped your own back pain, you might want to consider including this information in your bio. The reason you entered your chosen field can let readers know how passionate you are about your work.
  • Relevant personal details that help build trust. Mention that you have children if you want to treat children in your practice. If you want to teach meditation, let clients know how often you practice your own meditation. Any short details about yourself that make you seem approachable and credible can add to your bio.


Do not include:

  • Vague adjectives. Rather than say you provide "great care," tell readers you provide "personalized treatment plans" or "award-winning deep-tissue massages."
  • Irrelevant information. Do you really want clients to read about your award-winning pie, your cute pets or where you vacation each year? Irrelevant information wastes their time and gives the impression you don't have better accomplishments to list.

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